High tech and business

An accountant in Ixelles for your tax inquiries

The tax declaration is mandatory every year for both Belgian households and companies in the region. This is the only way for the authorities to calculate the social contributions of each taxpayer. The slightest mistake can have a serious consequence. Also, to be accompanied by a professional during the establishment of yours is required. WhatContinue Reading « An accountant in Ixelles for your tax inquiries »


Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

The proliferation of new devices and applications, combined with mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) contribute to the complexity of network management. Fortunately, IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances allow companies to manage IP addresses easily, and on a real-time base. IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances can be a real asset for small and large companies, since they lead to moreContinue Reading « Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances »

Everyday life

Technology: how to redefine art

New technologies are changing the perception of our world. As a consequence, our ideal of art is changing as well as new techniques have flourished. Whether it involves new technology devises or expresses our evolution, art is trending a brand new concept. Julien Kouchner, our art specialist, would like to present to you the artContinue Reading « Technology: how to redefine art »