Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

The proliferation of new devices and applications, combined with mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) contribute to the complexity of network management. Fortunately, IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances allow companies to manage IP addresses easily, and on a real-time base. IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances can be a real asset for small and large companies, since they lead to moreContinue Reading « Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances »

Mobiles and apps

Get to know the latest applications

Every day, hundreds of Android applications and games are put online on the Play Store. In this article, you can discover the new applications and the ones we find the best. Without further words, let’s discover « the new Android applications not to be missed in July 2018 ». Why wait, let’s find out now!   IGTVContinue Reading « Get to know the latest applications »

Mobiles and apps

Which calendar app to choose for your mobile device?

Are you one of those people who don’t want to be satisfied with the digital calendar or agenda automatically proposed by their smartphone? Here are some tips on the best calendar apps for iOs and Android devices. For iDevice users Apple’s biggest digital calendar releases are Awesome Calendar Lite and Calendar. The first provides aContinue Reading « Which calendar app to choose for your mobile device? »


Digital illustration: The future of art by Julien Kouchner

In a rapidly changing world, the visual arts and illustration professions are undergoing reconfiguration. According to Julien Kouchner, an art specialist, this new digital trend opens doors to innovation and the development of new talent. The future is digital   Digital illustration is a work of graphic illustration, made possible by computer technology. The illustratorContinue Reading « Digital illustration: The future of art by Julien Kouchner »

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Technology: how to redefine art

New technologies are changing the perception of our world. As a consequence, our ideal of art is changing as well as new techniques have flourished. Whether it involves new technology devises or expresses our evolution, art is trending a brand new concept. Julien Kouchner, our art specialist, would like to present to you the artContinue Reading « Technology: how to redefine art »

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Using CSS Even and Odd Rules foor Create Engaging Tables in WordPress

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) empower you to create some amazing effects, especially if you hold relevant expertise. But a huge number of elements to customize make mastering the language a tough task. For instance, the CSS even and odd rules can be really hard to work on. These are lesser known selectors that allow you toContinue Reading « Using CSS Even and Odd Rules foor Create Engaging Tables in WordPress »

Web and social media

Digital mourning : how to grieve through social media ?

It has been said that by the end of this century, there would be more dead users on Facebook than the living ones. This affirmation makes us think about an essential issue : what about our digital life will we leave once we’re dead ? If the body dies, the data still remain… This issueContinue Reading « Digital mourning : how to grieve through social media ? »

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OBDclick say sales are dropping in diesel fuel

The diesel race of the fifties 65% of French drivers use diesel fuel. A typical French domination that has lasted more than 50 years. This love for diesel, France contracted it at the end of the WWII. To revive the economy and boost competitiveness, the state is taxing this fuel. The phenomenon accelerated in theContinue Reading « OBDclick say sales are dropping in diesel fuel »

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Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service »

Arcep, the telecom watchdog asked operators how they organized their relationship with consumers. The AMF publishes the responses of Bouygues, Virgin, SFR, Orange and, of course, Free on this subject in its latest Arcep notebook.   Free bets everything on subscriber’s service:   For Angélique Berge, the director of the Iliad group’s subscriber relations, FreeContinue Reading « Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service » »