High tech and business

Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service »

Arcep, the telecom watchdog asked operators how they organized their relationship with consumers. The AMF publishes the responses of Bouygues, Virgin, SFR, Orange and, of course, Free on this subject in its latest Arcep notebook.   Free bets everything on subscriber’s service:   For Angélique Berge, the director of the Iliad group’s subscriber relations, FreeContinue Reading « Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service » »

Mobiles and apps

The impact of digital strategy on insurance by Millennium Insurance

Digital natives or Millennials are fundamentally changing the customer engagement paradigm. Digital is moving from being one of the channels to the primary channel for customer engagement. As customer change the way they interact with organizations, company processes and systems need to rapidly evolve to serve the needs of these customers. According to Millennium InsuranceContinue Reading « The impact of digital strategy on insurance by Millennium Insurance »

High tech and business

The making of stainless steel by SBS Forge

Stainless steel was invented in the early part of the 20th century. The key ingredient is chrome which forms a protective oxide film on the surface. Originally called non-rusting steel, stainless steel amazed consumers because it did not need to me polished. SBS Forge claims that today the concept has not lost its luster. StainlessContinue Reading « The making of stainless steel by SBS Forge »

Everyday life

The IoT explained by Geoffroy Stern

The Internet Of Things IoT is changing much about our everyday life. From the way we drive to the way we make purchases and even how we get energy for our homes. Sophisticated sensors and chips are embedded in the physical things that surround us, each transmitting valuable data. This data helps us understand betterContinue Reading « The IoT explained by Geoffroy Stern »