Digital illustration: The future of art by Julien Kouchner

In a rapidly changing world, the visual arts and illustration professions are undergoing reconfiguration. According to Julien Kouchner, an art specialist, this new digital trend opens doors to innovation and the development of new talent. The future is digital   Digital illustration is a work of graphic illustration, made possible by computer technology. The illustratorContinue Reading « Digital illustration: The future of art by Julien Kouchner »

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Technology: how to redefine art

New technologies are changing the perception of our world. As a consequence, our ideal of art is changing as well as new techniques have flourished. Whether it involves new technology devises or expresses our evolution, art is trending a brand new concept. Julien Kouchner, our art specialist, would like to present to you the artContinue Reading « Technology: how to redefine art »