The impact of digital strategy on insurance by Millennium Insurance
Mobiles and apps

The impact of digital strategy on insurance by Millennium Insurance

Digital natives or Millennials are fundamentally changing the customer engagement paradigm. Digital is moving from being one of the channels to the primary channel for customer engagement. As customer change the way they interact with organizations, company processes and systems need to rapidly evolve to serve the needs of these customers.

According to Millennium Insurance Souscription, insurers need to explore the challenges and opportunities of business led, technology enabled transformation. Insurance can become pro-active hassle-free experience and it can put more power in the hands of the customer. Also personalization will be the norm.

Car insurance in the future

Insurance based on as your drive and how you drive will enable customers to save costs.

Vehicles will be equipped with smart sensors, that can record events, automatically detect damage and send alerts. Connected cars, satellite based collision tracking systems and drones will provide real-time response and assessment for auto-accident claims. In addition to offering quick and reliable roadside driver service, this will enable insurers to provide better customer service and reduce claim processing costs.

The future of home insurance

Millennium Insurance Leader Souscription explains possibilities are infinite. From quick, accurate, home insurance quotes using drones and connected lenses. To connected homes with smart utility devices that detect critical parameters and send alerts. And event digitized service channels. Organizations must adapt to these possibilities in order to give their users a unique experience.

Adaptation of insurance companies

Some insurance companies such as Millennium Insurance Leader Souscription see how the industry is changing. They know technology should help them secure their goals and deliver great customer service if they overcome the challenges.

We live in a more dynamic, digital and data-rich world. Strategic thinking must reflect this really. What if customers had a storm warning app linked to their properties? They protect their property and it would reduce claims. What about families who want to ensure teenage drivers? By offering them a telematics devices, we could save the money. Insurance can be provided at a fixed price per month that varies on a driver’s performance.

Insurance companies and business need a bold vision, practical steps and the ability to communicate change for a winning digital strategy.