Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service »
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Free telecom, Angélique Berge: « Bet it all on subscriber’s service »

Arcep, the telecom watchdog asked operators how they organized their relationship with consumers. The AMF publishes the responses of Bouygues, Virgin, SFR, Orange and, of course, Free on this subject in its latest Arcep notebook.


Free bets everything on subscriber’s service :

For Angélique Berge, the director of the Iliad group’s subscriber relations, Free is all about subscriber’s service.

« The subscriber relationship represents nearly 85% of the Iliad Group’s workforce, ie more than 3,500 employees. Unlike many industry players, we wanted to maintain these skills largely in-house and in France with four sites (Paris, Vitry sur Seine, Bordeaux, Marseille), all in the recruitment phase. We also have internalized sites in Morocco », she points out.

For Angélique Berge, the key to success lies in the continuous training of teams and the development of new support channels. Thus, Free went further to « offer a support service that, originally accessible only by phone and internet, now moves on the ground: with nearly 1,000 dedicated Free technicians, Technical Assistance Proximity (ATP) intervenes indeed freely at the subscriber’s home in case of unsolved problems by telephone. We have also focused our efforts on new communication media such as social networks.  »

By mid-October, Free has put online a new service dedicated to the assistance of users. This is a new online diagnostic system for the Freebox. In case of any problem. When you want to contact Free online, and after having indicated your identifiers, you will then have to identify your problem through the various questions of this diagnostic tree.

« A multitude of methods offered to subscribers in terms of assistance (concept store, live chat, webcam support for deaf and hard of hearing, FAQ, virtual assistant, SMS, home interventions), the relationship continues, obviously on the Net, with a strong presence in our communities on forums, newsgroups and social networks « concluded Angélique Berge to answer the question of Arcep.

Finally, Free plans to recruit 800 advisers for its launch in the mobile.


Bouygues favors the reception of its subscribers in Club Bouygues Telecom stores:


For Bouygues Télécom, the operator « has always had the objective of creating a relationship of trust and quality with its customers ». In addition to the customer advisors and the website, Bouygues has favored the reception of its subscribers in the Bouygues Télécom Club stores to favor the welcome, the service and the support.