Technology: how to redefine art
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Technology: how to redefine art

New technologies are changing the perception of our world. As a consequence, our ideal of art is changing as well as new techniques have flourished. Whether it involves new technology devises or expresses our evolution, art is trending a brand new concept. Julien Kouchner, our art specialist, would like to present to you the art creations of today.


Devises and gadgets


Drones were strictly reserved to the military area a few years ago. Today, however, citizens can buy one at every store and use it to for family events or holidays. It is even believed that a prisoner escaped from a South Carolina jail with the help of a drone, which fled tools to him. For artists, this novelty offers good opportunities for amazing shots from the air. Julien Kouchner recommends The Colony by Dinh Q. Lê’s, showing the Chincha Islands of Peru covered with guano.


Binaural sound is now a trend to follow. The Encounter by Simon McBurney was the most memorable performance made in London last year. This work delighted the public by the use of headphones playing binaural sounds all along with the piece.


Art methods by Julien Kouchner


Have you ever heard of 3D? Today it is very rare to find a person who has never seen a 3D movie or projection in a gallery. Now imagine mashing up the 3D technology with a futuristic gadget such as a drone. This was made by Cyrprien Gaillard’s on his 2015 oeuvre called Nightlife. This video is disturbing by its slow motion effect. Being paired with the disorienting fact of not being able to catch the statue.

Another example of 3D is Curtains by Lucy Raven. This picture is composed of 2 shots which makes the effect of passing over even more intense.

The fact of using a green or colored screen as a background helps to develop the narrative surrounding artists. Zarina Muhammad’s The English Beat and Digjihad is a representation of the western involvement in the Middle East.