Which calendar app to choose for your mobile device?
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Which calendar app to choose for your mobile device?

Are you one of those people who don’t want to be satisfied with the digital calendar or agenda automatically proposed by their smartphone? Here are some tips on the best calendar apps for iOs and Android devices.

iphoneFor iDevice users

Apple’s biggest digital calendar releases are Awesome Calendar Lite and Calendar. The first provides a device for managing tasks, events and associated notes. It also offers stickers and photos of all kinds and all colors to attach to special days. Support also allows you to view each event weekly, monthly or daily. This app is compatible with all iOs devices. It is available for free on Apple’s digital store.

Agenda is available in free and paid version. The paid version for iPhone costs 6.99 euros. The one for the iPad is 8.99 euros. This calendar app is one of the best digital organizers currently available. Not only can you record classical and specific events, but you can also record voice memos, diagrams, images, emoticons and free text. Synchronization features come with paid versions. If you want an app worthy of the « brilliant » qualification, opt for Agenda.

androidFor Android device users

Three products are currently highly recommended to Android device users: simple calendar, AA Task and Touch Calendar Free. All these app are available for free on Google App Store.

The term « Simple » is not really worthy of the Simple Calendar app . Despite its name, this calendar has nothing to envy to its Apple counterparts. It is available as a Widget that the user can easily customize. According to his wishes, the interested party will have the choice between different sizes and presentations.

AA Task is one of the most popular organizers available on the Google app store. Its popularity is due in particular to its ease of use and the possibility of synchronizing it with Google calendars. It is also one of the few organizers that allows you to rate using voice recognition.

Touch Calendar Free is an app aimed mainly at Google Calendar users. It gives the possibility to group a large number of calendars and to navigate easily between them via multitouch. For some time now, this app has had a paid version offering a widget for the home screen.


Existing apps in iOs and Android versions


The following apps are available for both iDevice users and Android mobile device owners: week calendar, calendar calendar, iStudiez and Calen Go.

Week Calendar looks more like the default calendar of an iOs device than that of an Android smartphone. It is a support available in 24 different languages. It allows you to zoom in to view another view, add coordinates to an event, adjourn appointments by drag and drop and view multiple calendars simultaneously.

Agenda Calendar is a digital support with a refined graphics. It also looks like the default app on iOs with additional options. The product has a very pleasant tactile movement system giving the possibility to pass quickly from one view to another.

As its name suggests, iStudiez is a digital calendar for students. It has been designed in particular for the management of a course schedule, homework and other student activities. This app is not only available in iOs and Android versions. It is also available in Mac version, but at a higher price.

Calen Goo is inspired, contrary to the two apps mentioned above, by Google Calendar. It allows you to log various tasks and events in the same way as the Google app.