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Get to know the latest applications

Every day, hundreds of Android applications and games are put online on the Play Store. In this article, you can discover the new applications and the ones we find the best. Without further words, let’s discover « the new Android applications not to be missed in July 2018 ». Why wait, let’s find out now!


Developed by Instagram, IGTV is a new video platform. Unlike Instagram where videos are limited to 15 seconds, IGTV offers the possibility to broadcast videos up to 60 minutes. Another advantage, is that the videos are full screen and vertical, without black bars on the side. The interface is simple and modern. Content discovery is done in 5 ways: using the search function, using the « for you » category, tracking subscribers, videos highlighted by the application and videos already started.


Google Lens

You’ve probably heard of Google Lens, Google’s visual recognition feature. You doubt it, it uses Artificial Intelligence to detect what it sees, so you just point it at an object, a monument or more or less anything, and it will tell you what it recognizes. This application needs a lot of data to improve, so it is normal that at the beginning it is not particularly powerful (which also explains notes from the Play Store). Over time, we will have to see how the application evolves.


Concept – Notes, Tasks, Wikis

Whether for personal or professional use, there is always a time when we need a productivity application. This application allows you to write many kinds of texts (including lists, of course) but it is organized very carefully, you can even create subpages like Wikipedia. You can then share your pages, or even work in collaboration with other users. An offline mode is also available, and the service can be accessed by browser, Mac or Windows.


KEES Maths

KEES Maths is the fruit of a veteran of mathematics. This teacher, with 15 years of experience, presented his application on our forum. It aims to help users learn mathematics. Courses and guides are available to students free of charge, and if you are ready to put your hand in the wallet (4.99 euros/month) you can even access a virtual teacher who will help you with your exercises.


Guitar Lessons – Fender Play

Who has never dreamed of playing guitar? With this app from Fender, you can start your apprenticeship. The application is designed to change the way beginners learn guitar or ukulele with guided learning paths and lessons that will allow you to play your first song in minutes. The first 30 days are free. If you wish to continue, you will then have to pay about ten euros per month. Important note, the app is only in English.


CARROT Weather

There are many weather applications, but none are similar to CARROT Weather. This application does its job by offering you a quality weather service and some fun comments (crazy might be a better word). It also has the merit to propose you a small game of geography in which you have an indication and must find the place mentioned. If you wish, you can also access the « time travel » option, which allows you to know the weather at any place up to 70 years ago.



Have you always dreamed of learning programming but never had the courage to take a course? No problem, the Grasshopper application is there to help you learn javascript. The difficulty is growing and you will learn the basics necessary to progress. This application is unfortunately only available in English but it has the merit of being very complete and especially totally free.


Dietum for a healthy and controlled diet

Are you eating healthy? Dietum helps you discover it: just scan the barcode of your food to get information on ingredients, additives, allergens and nutritional information. If you have indicated your allergies / intolerances in the application, it will inform you of a potential risk during consumption. In short, an application that deserves the detour. Only small defect: on the phone, the display is not optimal since the credit bar remains displayed towards the middle of the screen.


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