Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

Improving business agility through IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

The proliferation of new devices and applications, combined with mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) contribute to the complexity of network management. Fortunately, IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances allow companies to manage IP addresses easily, and on a real-time base. IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances can be a real asset for small and large companies, since they lead to more efficiency, reduce costs and significantly simplify the tasks of network administrators.

The basic functioning of DHCP servers

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automatically provides and assigns IP addresses. Any device trying to connect to a network automatically requests a unique IP address from a DHCP server. For instance, DHCP is essential whenever you want to connect your device (phone, laptop, etc.) to Wi-Fi hotspots. In homes and small businesses, it is the router which acts as DHCP.

DHCP also enable your devices to obtain the correct network configuration in order to enjoy its services with no management. Thanks to this complex process, your device becomes ready to operate as soon as it connects; but when it leaves the network, its IP address is ready to be used again. If you want to learn more, visit EfficientIP’s website.

But beyond this, DHCP also performs other functions, such as updating local DNS and IPAM databases or ensuring that devices have the appropriate software updates. It can even be part of security architecture.

The benefits of fully integrated IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances

IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances have the ability to ensure that this process flows smoothly by providing more agility, reliability and security to the network infrastructure. There are several benefits that organizations may realise thanks to IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances.

If for example you own a retail store and you want to offer your customers a good experience, you should consider providing them a consistent public Wifi, that does not leave your customers waiting. Knowing what devices are connected to your network will indeed help you manage BYOD effectively.

DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances simplify and automate the management of IP addresses, strengthen the foundation of your network and improve business continuity, therefore providing a real competitive advantage. If you are not able to support all the devices that are likely to connect to the Wifi of your store, users are going to be unhappy and may never come back to your shop. In public places, such as in concert halls or in stadiums, it is tens of thousands users that absolutely have to be able to connect and disconnect over a very short span of time.

The growth and survival of companies lie in their ability to adapt to a changing competitive landscape. By integrating IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances, you will be able to offer your customers a good customer experience, for they can provide a company with real advantages, such as productivity, time and more efficiency with workflow. As a consequence, IPAM-DNS-DHCP appliances also reduce operating costs.