An accountant in Ixelles for your tax inquiries
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An accountant in Ixelles for your tax inquiries

The tax declaration is mandatory every year for both Belgian households and companies in the region. This is the only way for the authorities to calculate the social contributions of each taxpayer. The slightest mistake can have a serious consequence. Also, to be accompanied by a professional during the establishment of yours is required.

What should I mention in a tax return?

A tax return can currently be obtained online. It is important to note it. This is a form proposed by the Belgian authorities and will serve you to record all your income. We are not talking only about your fixed salaries, but also the income from your previous investments.

But besides the income, you must also mention in your tax return the allowances you benefit from the different investments you have made and deductible expenses.
In a tax audit, Belgian households may also have to justify their expenses, especially business expenses. Each invoice must be carefully recorded in the annual tax return.

Although you may have to complete this process only once a year, the fact remains that a tax return is complicated and tedious. The slightest mistake can lead to a judgment for tax evasion: fines and jail time in the worst case. And for good reason, every detail counts for the calculation of your tax participations of the year.

An accounting firm to make things easier every year

What better than an accounting expertise to accompany you in the realization of your tax returns. The firm offers a financial expert, familiar with this type of approach and able to guide you at every step of it to avoid mistakes. Better, the accountant Ixelles or Saint-Gilles takes care of completing the declaration on your behalf and to regularize your tax situation, and this, within the framework of a punctual benefit and with a contract on the long term if need. In this case, you must entrust him with the management of your accounts and investments. Which is a big trend in Belgium. Now, companies and stars are not the only ones to benefit from an investment advisor.

The accountant will make a diagnosis of all your assets, all your expenses and allowances you can claim while fulfilling the requests to do so. His role is to make things easier for you. It is possible to change the delivery address of your tax return form to that of your accounting firm in order to further facilitate returns. The accountant will take care of the registration of all the mandatory information requested in the form. You will then only have to check everything and sign before sending it by mail to the Belgian tax authorities.

With the help of a financial expert, the annual tax return is quick and easy. With its professionalism and years of work, the accountant subcontractor ensures you thoroughness and rigor at each step so that there is no error.