How to become a successful auto entrepreneur in Belgium?
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How to become a successful auto entrepreneur in Belgium?

The auto entrepreneurship market is currently in full tension in France. It is, for individuals, an excellent way to alleviate the employment crisis and to ensure a good professional career. But to do this, it will be necessary to fulfill a few conditions.

Open a professional bank account

Since the implementation of the new consumer law, becoming a self-employed entrepreneur also requires opening a professional bank account. The goal is to simplify the financial management of the company, but also to differentiate your professional income and your private assets. Which can impact your tax base?

Online banks currently offer pro bank account deals for auto entrepreneurs. Not only are the benefits of this kind of establishment easier to access, but they are also more affordable. In addition, the quality of support will be optimal. Online banks offer with their professional account a specific adviser who will help you in the management of your finances and in the choice of your investments.

In addition, online pro accounts open the doors to a free bank card and minimal account maintenance fees.

Register in RCS in your region

As with any service provider, a self-employed entrepreneur will have to register with the RCS in his region in Belgium. This will earn him his professional card, but also a kbis. It is, in a way, the identity of your activity. Valid for 3 months, the Kbis can be useful in the event of verifications. Certain customers request in particular the supply of such a document to guarantee the legality and the professionalism of such or such provider. You will have to be an expert in the various administrative procedures to get started and quickly succeed in requests for registration of a new professional activity. If this is not your case, you can always count on a chartered accountant in Saint-Gilles to accompany you step by step.Not content with assistance in drafting the statute of your company, the accountant facilitates legal procedures for the rapid opening of your activity. As a subcontractor, he only charges minimal fees in exchange for his services.

Ensure good prospecting online

To ensure the success of your new activity, good online prospecting is necessary. It is also possible to subcontract this part of the management of your business. Besides creating a website, you also need to make sure you have good prospecting. The success and sustainability of your new professional activity undoubtedly requires good online visibility. In addition to the professional website, you must also open accounts on social networks and online professional directories. This will make it easier for you to find a contract. Please note that these accounts must be different from private accounts. Also, be aware that good online visibility does not urge you to put in place a good marketing strategy in the physical market. This reassures customers.