The Essential Sections of a CV
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The Essential Sections of a CV

Creating a curriculum vitae can be more complex than you might think, especially if you want to make it effective. The main role of a CV is to help you stand out from the other candidates and get a job interview. For this purpose, you have to follow some rules and take care of writing each section properly.

The contact details

Start by stating your full contact details (surname, first name, address, email, telephone number). If the recruiter is interested in your profile, this will allow them to easily get in touch with you and schedule a job interview. Inserting a photo in the upper right corner can be interesting as long as it is suitable and professional. As far as the layout is concerned, your can create a cv now on a specialized website. Choose the most adapted CV template and just add your contact details and photo where it is indicated.

The Position Sought

Also place a title which is totally related to the function you are applying for. Then you can detail the main skills you want to highlight in order to put forward your profile. It is important to always keep in mind the position sought in order to match your skills with the job offer. You can visit the company’s website to position yourself as a specialist. Plus, knowing the company better at this point will help you have a head start on the other candidates.

Experience and training

Your experience must be relevant to the position sought and should be one of the first things to mention at the top of your CV. Its importance is indeed much greater than the studies that you have been able to follow. Logically, what you have done most recently is often the most relevant with regard to the functions envisaged. Young graduates can also mention their internships or student jobs to demonstrate their experience on the job market.

If you do not have relevant experience yet, place your training first, but add the practical aspects encountered during your studies (practical work, etc.) in your experience section. For the details of your different experiences, we advise you to order them from the most recent to the oldest ones. List any specializations if they are relevant to the job sought.

Specific Skills – Hobbies

You will group your main skills related to the position. Your language level and computer skills must also appear in this section. You can finish with your hobbies and points of interest if you think it will showcase your application.